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Angeline Ball From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Angeline Ball Born 1969 Angeline Ball (born 1969) is an award-winning Irish actress who currently resides in London. Her breakthrough role came in 1991 when she starred alongside Maria Doyle Kennedy and Bronagh Gallagher as back-up singer Imelda Quirke in Alan Parker's The Commitments.Contents Works She has appeared in many Irish films since then including Trojan Eddie as Stephen Rea's estranged wife, The General and The Tiger's Tale, both of which starred Brendan Gleeson and were directed by John Boorman. She garnered widespread acclaim for her performance as Molly Bloom in Sean Walsh's 2003 version of Ulysses entitled Bloom. Her co-star was again Stephen Rea as Leopold Bloom, who also directed her as Mrs. Gogan in a modern-day interpretation of Seán O'Casey's classic play The Plough and the Stars on the Dublin stage. Joycean scholar David Norris said that her Molly Bloom was the best that he had ever seen and she won the 2003 Irish Film and Television Award for Best Actress for her role in the film.[1] The many television dramas in which she featured have included Brothers in Trouble, Our Friends in the North, Doc Martin, Any Time Now, Bait and What We Did On Our Holiday. She most recently played alcoholic country and western enthusiast Annie Little in the 2007 Irish television series Trouble in Paradise. As Ball is also an accomplished singer, she provided the vocals for the series' theme song. More recently she h...

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