Angeline Quinto

Angeline Quinto was born on November 26, 1989 in Sampaloc, Manila. Her mother tried to abort Angeline but was stopped by her adoptive mother which then the biological mother sold Angeline to her adoptive mother. This young and beautiful girl aspires to be a singer. Little Angeline, joined a lot of singing competition in her barrios but it turned to be a failure to her. Time after time, she lose. Despite of these, her spirit was not broken and she still continues to compete in a singing competition. Then came the winning. Angeline won three singing competitions in just one night. Angeline became more confident of herself. Quinto has cited various artists who have influenced her musical style. She grew up listening to songs of Regine Velasquez as the reason why she does music. Quinto credits Regine Velasquez's singing and her song What Kind Of Fool Am I as influencing her to begin practicing vocal runs as a child, as well as helping her pursue a career as a musician. Quinto also cites influences from American artists such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Beyonce Knowles. In 2002, Angeline joined a prestigious singing competition on GMA 7 called, Star for a Night. She was then joined by, now Pop Princess, Sarah Geronimo and Pop Heartthrob, Mark Bautista. Which Sarah Geronimo ultimately won. Angeline was despressed but eventually moved on. In 2004, Angeline was a finalist in MTB Teen Popstar whe she tied with Sherilyn Flores for the title and where she competed with Jonal...

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