Angelle (real name Sarah Davies) is a British singer who failed to reach the Top Forty (reaching #43) with her debut single in 2002 despite it being played non-stop for four and a half hours a day on UK satellite channel Vibe TV at a cost of £2 million. - Wikipedia Vibe TV followed the young singer as she went about recording and promoting her debut single and album and attempting to make a mark on the UK music scene. 4 hours of dedicated viewing time per day showcased the singers catalogue, but unfortunately did not pay off when she bombed into the charts with Joy & Pain during August 2002. Following this dissapointment, a subsequent single release was pulled and her album The Way I Am, saw a limited internet only release in the form of a two disc collection of ballads and hi-nrg europop. Rumours suggest she then chose to lead a life away from the public eye, with her Millionaire Boyfriend purchasing her an online clothing company, which unfortately also failed. It is unknown whether Angelle will attempt a return into the music industry. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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