There is more than one artist with this name: Angelo is a Japanese rock band consisting of キリト(Kirito, PIERROT) on vocals, Karyu (D'espairsRay, joined the band in 2011) on guitar, ギル (VIDOLL/ヴィドール, joined the band in 2011) on guitar, KOHTA (PIERROT) on bass and TAKEO (PIERROT) on drums. Official Homepage: 2) Angel Luis Garcia, Jr, known simply as Angelo - was born March 28, 1976 in Brooklyn, New York. Angelo started his career when he was only ten years old, his family had moved from New York to Puerto Rico in 1988, they heard about auditions for a new member of the world famous teen group Menudo. Once Angelo arrived to his audition and started to sing he was immediately signed and became the youngest member to ever join Menudo. At the time he barely spoke Spanish. Within days of joining Menudo he was hustled into the studio and recorded the lead vocals for You Got Potential. Less than two weeks after joining he was flown to New York City with band mates to film the music video for “You Got Potential”. The unknown Angelo became a international teen idol overnight. Menudo’s hit single “You got potential” went straight to the top of the music charts throughout the world. In what became a huge international scandal Angelo unannounced broke his contract with Menudo. Angelo immediately signed a world wide recording contract that included management with World Wide Entertainment Company under the direction of music ...

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