Angelo Kelly

Angelo Gabriele Kelly (Singer/Songwriter/Drummer/Producer) 1981 - Angelo is born on the 23.12.1981 in Pamplona/ Spain, and is the youngest of 12 children. 1982 - His mother Barbara Ann Kelly dies, her last wish, Keep on singing, 1984 - He begins to sing and perform on stage with his family at the age of 2 1/2, while they are living and touring in France. Angelo also sings for the first time in studio to record the hitsingle Hiroshima I'm sorry. 1986 - Moves with his family to the United States. 1988 - The Kelly Family is performing two shows daily in their own tent in Germany. Angelo starts to learn the guitar from his sister Kathy, and his brother Johnny teaches him the first few snare drum patterns. They also start to perform in big concert halls and record the album (and video) Live. 1989 - Moves with his family to Amsterdam/Netherlands where they then live on a boat. He writes his first song and starts learning to play the percussion from Nippy Noya. 1991 - They move with their boat back to Germany. 1992 - His family gives him his first drumset for Christmas which he wished to have for a few years. Immediately he starts to practice and shortly after is playing the drums on stage. 1993 - Things are starting to take off for the band. They sell more then 300 thousand albums with their own record company Kel-Life and this only through their concerts and mail order. 1994 - Angelo records with his family the album Over the hump and with over 3 million copies sold i...

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