Angelo Mike

Jarek Czechowski known as Angelo Mike is one of the leading Polish DJ and Producer. During 12 years career won several times Best Polish Dj Award and many other awards in electronic music. As promoter he was responsible for making parties such as Sensation White, Sound Empire with AVB, Tiesto EOL and CEET, Ozon Festival and many more. Now focused on making own music. Last works have been released by Sentence Recordings. “I play for people and only for theirs sake...” It takes years for true professionals to build their names, because even the greatest of successes is all the more reason for them to continue evolving. Angelo Mike is exactly such a professional, and the idea of resting on his laurels has never even crossed his mind. Nonetheless, being a professional in every sense of the word alone in the job of a DJ and producer is only half of what’s needed most – the rest is talent, which lures crowds to follow their beloved artist. Mother, wife and lover We’re thinking about music here, and it was love to music which turned Jarek Czechowski into Angelo Mike and to this day strengthens his prodigy. „It’s easy to relish success, give into hedonism, forget about the most important principles. Music is the reason why I’m at this point, still drawing joy from working. It constantly reminds me of why I got onto this road in the first place“, says Angelo Mike. And what has his choice meant? A dozen or so years of getting into DJ booths to give the cro...

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