Angleous or goverment name ryan, grew up in crown hieghts brooklyn on bedford and crown. he attended jackie robinson middle school where i met him. grew up a quiet kid never started trouble nor never sold drugs of any kind. he knew hustlers but never the type in any trouble. he had a baby girl and a passion for music grew. he started to rap with other local artist moshin goverment name maurice. instantly other people were jealous that is flow was similar to jay-z, listening to jay -z and the comparisions lead to an idolization in which he depicteded jay-z stlye naturally without much effort. he made his debut lp not a game. with no support he started passing out copyiesof his music from hand standing on the coners for hours. downtown brooklyn fulton mall or nevins train station handing out his dvds. so his music started to catch ear this guy was phenomenal. he started poping up in magazines like xl depicting him as the future sooner or later word reached jay z he listened and in fear of losing what he feel he established put a bounty on angleous saying who ever signs this guy is an instant enemy of jay. russell simmons not wanting to bump heads with jay arguably turned away one of th most talented young individuals to date. he shares the sam struggle he wants to move from rags to riches just like jay did , jay mimiced biggie and in rhymes talks about he did that so hopefuuly we wont have to go through that. jay z is holding back a young talent and i dare not say a yo...

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