Idea for AngelSeed was born in 2003. Both Maras (guitar) & Jure (drums) wanted to do a band with a female vocal, as Croatia didn't have a anything similar at that time. It was supposed to be a project at first ... but at the end it evolved in real band. AngelSeed. They wanted someone with operatic vocals, which turned out impossible to find, as both of them had hard time finding suitable female vocal. Working on the songs and melodies started, when Medo (guitar) and Luka (bass) were also invited to join the project. In the process of creating the songs operatic vocals were abandoned, as it became clear the songs were meant for clean vocal mostly ... at least the songs on first album/demo. During the last 2 years several singers were tested for the role of leading vocal, finally a girl was chosen for test/demo recordings, but she left the bend somewhere in mid 2006, before the demos were even finished. AngelSeed was put on hiatus at the moment. At least vocally. In the meantime the guys continued to record their parts for the songs in the studio. It was in October 2006 when Luka (bass) met Ivana Anic - Lara (vocal) online, discussing metal music and other things, she mentioned her audition for Nightwish and mp3s. He liked the voice and forwarded samples to Maras & Medo, and they also liked the voice so much, she was invited to join the project. In November 2006 recordings for the demos begun. Somewhere around March 2007 band had a meeting to go through the material, final...

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