Angelspit is a cybergoth / electro punk / industrial rock band from Sydney, Australia. With their highly acclaimed debut album Krankhaus and their impressive visceral live performances, Angelspit have cemented themselves as being one of the most innovative new cybergoth bands. With their merciless dual vocal assault, intense electronic mayhem and murderous guitars, Destroyx and Zoog have thrilled and revolted countless audiences globally. Angelspit’s subversive visuals are equally confronting- as their unique brand of vicious fashion and hellish aesthetics influence a new wave of electro punk music, fashion and art. Formed in 2004 by duo ZooG and DestroyX, Angelspit later expanded to include collaborations and live appearances by artists such as Miss Ballistic, Chris Kling, and George Bikos. DestroyX departed the band in 2013 and as such did not contribute to the 2014 album The Product. In 2007 Angelspit toured East Coast USA with the Crüxshadows and relocated to Berlin Germany for 12 months where they extensively toured Europe. They have played at festivals such as Wave Gotik Treffen (Germany), Castle Party (Poland) and Summer Darkness (Netherlands). Their initial EP (Nurse Grenade) was released for free on the official Angelspit website, it contained an inventive mix of sampling and distortion, resulting in a style uniquely Angelpit's own, this style was refined in the independant release of their 2006 album, Krankhaus. Hot off the success of their debut album...

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