AngelZ Manifested in the farthest north of Norway Pasiel (bass & Voc) is the founder of the Heavenly Metal group AngelZ which saw the light of day in 2003. After a fairly short rehersal period of 3-4 moths, they performed their first concert on Halloween 2003. Many stories flourished about the members whom were known as black sheep of society. Some demoes was recorded, mainly live recordings, but noone knows the whereabouts of these today. After 2 years, what may have appeared as paradise on the outside, was in reality hell behind the scene. The original drummer (Tommy) got caught by reality casting doubts about his commitments, and attempts by B.A (Guitars) and Pasiel were made to replace Tommy, with no apparent luck due to poor populations numbers. The density of reality also caught up with B.A after some frustrating month's when nothing happened. Pasiel though, was hell bendt on seeing this through no matter the cost. So when B.A finally announced his departure, Pasiel gathered his few belongings and went on a walkabout looking for new members, one year was spendt but after a sobering time in Spain, Pasiel decided that he wouldn't wayste any more time starting all over again with everything that it entails. So he decided that the first objective was to record the album which had been on the table for some time allready. Recording the album ment that Pasiel had to learn to master the other instruments besides his main instrument, but being out of money and having no pla...

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