Anger Within

ANGER WITHIN, originally formed in Morgantown, West Virginia, (now based in GA,) fuses punk, thrash hardcore, and militant, death-like vocals to create an innovative, experimental form of heavy music, guaranteed to excite open-minded audiences everywhere. Ignited both by a passion for heavy rhythm, sound, and an anger at injustice, ANGER WITHIN introduced itself onto the scene in the '90's, and was founded by members Wulf Morris (Vocals/Guitar,) Austin Comstock (Guitar,) and John Creed, (Bass.) Establishing various rhythm sections throughout the next couple of years, the band headed to Frozen Sound Studios and recorded three demo tapes, produced by Kim Monday, that prophesied dynamic, electrifying innovations to come. ANGER WITHIN broke into the underground tape trading scene with these demos. Each new tape emphasized a heavier sound and aggressively focused on themes few death metal bands dare to touch - world oppression, gang violence, environmental distress, loss of friendship - along with brutally outspoken lyrics challenging man's inhumanity to man. Over the years, many people have described their sound as thought provoking, heavy, straight to the point...and ultimately, original metal/hardcore music, with political and socially concerned lyrics. The live experience of ANGER WITHIN, has been compared to the energy of a SEPULTURA, NAPALM DEATH, or AGNOSTIC FRONT show. The band has played at just about every venue that can be played in their tri-state area. The cities in...

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