ANGERVILLE sounds like a scary place, and sometimes it is. What's scary is that they have already lost a member of their group before even really getting started. Established back in 1998, ANGERVILLE began with three lyricists: Ill da Shystee, Conscious Thought and Fortunato. Three completely different backgrounds and lyrical styles coming together to celebrate hip hop every chance they would get. Together they travelled throughout Ontario to challenge themselves at freestyle competitions and open mic nights. Quickly gaining experience and lyrical savvy they would each have their individual victories across the map. May 6, 2002 it all came to a screeching halt. Luke Marson AKA Ill da Shystee was brutally murdered and the group would never be the same. The crime has never been solved and is definitely a contributing factor to the raw emotion and dedication that the remaining members of ANGERVILLE bring to us with their music. Born in California and raised in Toronto, it's hard to imagine how Conscious Thought would end up in the small town of Aurora. The same could be said for fellow Torontonian, Fortunato but it is nonetheless where fate brought them together. Although Conscious no longer resides there, the duo decided to base their operations in Aurora and set up ANGERVILLE ENTERTAINMENT where they have been producing quality hip hop ever since. Source: Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Cre...

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