Angham (born January 19, 1966) is an Egyptian singer, record producer and actress. Known for her soft voice, and her use of emotions to convey songs to the public, she produced 18 musical records and 13 singles, varying from Egyptian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Jordanian, Libyan and Gulf dialects. Her all-time hit Sidi Wisalak (The Bond Between Us) has propelled her toward a more vivid presence ever since 2001 and nowadays. Angham, a native from the province of Alexandria, started her career in 1987 under the guidance of her father, Mohammad Ali Suleiman, with the breakaway track Fil Rokn elBaeed elHady (In The Far and Calm Corner), although she has been singing before in radio stations and small theaters. Her unstable relationship with her father forced Angham to choose new albums that are supervised and produced by many new composers and lyricists. Ella Ana (Except Me) has been the first album without her father's help and it gained instant success around the Middle East. After the release of Sidi Wisalak, Angham worked with a new team that changed her classic image and encouraged her to experiment new western music. Omry Maak (My Life With You), released in 2003, competed with her 2001 record Leih Sebtaha and toppled the latter to become the most selling album in Angham's career. Both albums were produced by Alam elPhan music company. In 2005, Angham released Bahibbik Wahashteeny (I Love You and Miss You), which was commercially a failure and caused a lot of tension in Angham's ...

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