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Angie Aparo is an American musician and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. Recently he created the band The Infidels and is in the process of recording recently written songs with this band. Aparo began playing in a group called Angie's Hope in the early 1990s before making the decision to go solo. After making that decision, Aparo made the decision to go out on the road touring with his acoustic guitar in the Southeast. In 1996, he released his first CD Out of the Everywhere, recorded at David Briggs studio in Nashville Tennessee with Jim Stabile as engineer. Burnard Tate played drums. In 1999, with Grammy-winning producer Matt Serletic, Aparo released The American. His single Spaceship hit the radio waves in 2000, and The American also includes his original version of the single Cry, made popular by Faith Hill and featured on her album of the same name. Many songs from The American are also on a new live CD 9live that was released in 2004. While stuck in musical limbo due to record label issues, Aparo released Weapon of Mass Construction (2001) (Re-released under the title One With the Sun): a CD of cover songs taken from varying artists from The Beastie Boys to Neil Young and Elton John, as well as two previously unreleased originals. In his own words, It was fun, and I got it out of my system. [1] In 2003, another album -For Stars and Moon, a Beatles-influenced showcase - was released independently. This took Aparo's music in a different direction. Most recently, Apar...

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