Angie Nussey

Over the past six years, Angie Nussey has managed to successfully make the leap from 'up and coming artist' to 'accomplished leader' in Canada's music scene. Raised in the small, northern, town of Lively, Ontario, Angie began songwriting at the age of 7. Continuing this personal pursuit through adolescence, she carries with her years of private experience as an artist with the delicate and captivating quality of humility. Having written and composed over 100 songs before her first public performance, she intended to work towards a career in medicine. However, one year of University, a summer of tree-planting, and a near death experience that resulted in heart surgery concluded with Angie shedding all illusions about becoming anything other than a professional artist. The result is a career that has garnered her acclaim as having the ability to express inward feelings and emotion, powerfully tell a story, and poetically convey the feelings of heartbreak in a style that is often both comedic and confessional. Her first album, Circumstantial Overload (2001), is a personal look at a young woman still floundering in that early twenties stage; a mix of experiences as a small town girl moves away from home. Some of the songs are about her experiences working in a group home; others are about falling in love and making tough decisions. Circumstantial Overload garnered impressive sales, and much acclaim that resulted in national radio play, television spots and web-based success. ...

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