Angina Pectoris

Information from the band's myspace page: Angina Pectoris was formed in 1990 in Stuttgart, Germany after the disbanding of the German band known as Feu Ma Mere. Founding members were Joelen Mingi, Shay Astray and Erzulie. The next year Sin Feissali joined the band, and staying on until 1993. At that point Anthony Abzu, and Martyn Lynch join the band. Martyn Lynch left the band in 1995, being replaced by Cliff Hill. In 1997 the lineup went through some more changes, and at that point consisted of Joelen Mingi, Sylvia Freya, Jay Phoenix, Lil Wolf, and Matt Earn. In 2000 the lineup changed yet again, this time consisting of Joelen Mingi, Jay Phoenix, Jacek Janikowski, Jean Davis, Jens Robbers, and Matt Earn. Discography: 1991 - Odium (12 LP) 1992 - Anno Domini 1993 - On The Burning Funeral Pyre 1994 - Anguish 1996 - Insomnia 1999 - Dying Heart (EP, very limited release) 2000 - Mandy (EP) 2000 - Lakshmi The band's official website: Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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