Angler is an instrumental group. Some pieces are two minutes long, others are ten minutes. Marcus Bridges plays guitar, drums and analog synthesizer. Ben Bridges plays guitar, drums and analog synthesizer. Cris Sirc plays analog synthesizer, drum machine and MPC. Ross Germaine plays drums and synthesizer. Neil Boyack plays guitar. Anglers’ debut album In Search Of Charm rated a hefty four stars in Rolling Stone Magazine, received quality rotation on Triple J, as well as receiving excellent support from Melbourne community statuions RRR and PBS. Tracks from the album have been used on documentaries, as well on The Arts Show on ABC television. Anglers’ second album, lonesome high, was released early in 2000 and contained memorable epics such as last vendetta/beautiful thing and take a look around as well as the punchy rock jam guts. Once again the album received warm reviews in Rolling Stone Magazine fetching three and a half stars and four stars in Juice Magazine. Amongst the clatter of endless emerging local print press and public boradcast radio interviews, lonesome high became a talking point for great Australian musical talent. The third album released by Angler in 2003 was entitled simply Angler, and features some great guitar noodling over top of eerie samples and live electronics. The album is awaiting a launch, but is currently available via email. There are two other releases which should be mentioned, even though they were limited. The aptly named LT...

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