Angry Agency

Angry Agency were a ska-punk-hardcore band from London, ON, Canada made up of Kreg Kennedy (lead vocals), Cory Boyle (guitar, backing vocals), Tim Sneak King Fraser (bari sax, backing vocals), Brendan Douglas (drums), Greg Hambley (trumpet, backing vocals, and Dr. Acula (guitar). Angry Agency exploded onto the local scene in late 1999. The product of boredom, this relentlessly hard working band has developed a large name for themselves in very little time. They have pushed the boundaries of music to create a style all their own complimented by an intense, high energy live performance. Lyrical attention is focused, though not solely, on political and personal messages. Topics such as police brutality, love, sweatshops and even vegetarianism. Though not all members agree on any one topic, their differences aid to the overall diversity of this powerful group. Their unique sound combines elements of ska, punk, hard rock, fast time changes and hardcore breakdowns producing high energy, highly emotional music that is very emo and cool. Renowned for their ballistic live performances this group have toured across Canada many times, playing in many different cities and provinces all the while staying Indie. They have also drawn media attention for holding and playing benefit shows for issues such as women's rights, homelessness and many other non-profit organizations in and around the city of London. The band recently called it quits in 2009, playing their final show to a pa...

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