Angry Nerdz

With todays music constantly changing, Angry Nerdz sees no problem adjusting or competing with music in the industry by bringing a unique style of party, dance, R&B/Hip-Hop flavor. With a rapidly growing fan base across the world, Angry Nerdz is dedicated to making music for the fans with style and creativity like no other. Their hard work and musical variety will definitely be one to remember. Coming from Indiana and starting out as solo artists, members Maxx, Loc the Great, and Cashdro came together to form the group Angry Nerdz. During their solo periods Maxx and Loc the Great have done numerous shows across their region gaining a fanbase. Maxx ended up moving to Atlanta for a few months to gain knowledge on how music should be created by bettering himself in production, songwriting, and learning the whole business of the music industry by working with indie label Disturbing the Peace. After winning a beat battle in Atlanta, Maxx eventually caught the attention of BET (Black Entertainment Television) Vice President, Reggie Williams who came to his in-home studio to check out some music and was offered a contract to do production for TV shows on the network as well as other cable networks such as MTV, Spike, Centric TV, and TLC. This was a gateway for more dedication and taking his music more serious. After moving back to Indiana, Maxx expanded his resume by being featured on and producing songs with mainstream artists such as Jibbs, Gorilla Zoe, Huey, Dorrough, Shawty Lo,...

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