Angry Snowmans

Angry Snowmans from Victoria, British Columbia It took a lot of guts and attitude for three elves to stand up to the Fascist regime of North Pole dictator Nicholas Claus. The three stole a reindeer and a sleigh and left behind the long nights of slaving in the toy factory for the Fat Man. They had to get the word out about the real Spirit Of Christmas, but how? Their answer was a pair as unorthodox as you could imagine. A guitar slinging, boozed up snowman named Mr. Coalfire and, would you believe, the degenerate half brother of the oppresor himself. Dick Claus (Or Saint Dick if you prefer). Dick was frustrated with how is brother was running the whole Christmas racket and decided to help the elves in their quest. Coalfire was just an angry drunk who got kicked out of the North Pole. The five finally got together and decided that the best way to get the true message of Christmas out to the masses was to write their own words to punk rock classics. Conveniently, this help with their rampant anger issues as well. The Angry Snowmans are here to tell you that Christmas isn't about buying shit and it sure as hell isn't about Jesus... It's about getting drunk, stuffing your face and having fun with your friends... THAT'S IT! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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