Anguidara is the retired solo project of David Wright. He now devotes time to Snow White Smile: Snow White Smile: David Wright is mostly known for his initial project Anguidara. While primarily an Industrial Metal act, there are plenty of tunes that can easily fit on a dance floor in a DJ's playlist. Under this name David also received fame through his Remix Frozen - (Anguish Mix) featured on the Celldweller - Take It & Break It Vol 2 Frozen Remixes compilation. Along side names such as Jay Gordon (Orgy fame) and Carlton Bost (Deadsy and The Dreaming fame) David was also featured on a remix Compilation for Los Angeles band Lunarclick with his contribution of Toxicology - (Anguish mix). Playing a number of shows around central California, David Wright informally put an end to Anguidara shortly after joining Savi0r in 2007, then officially closed doors on this name in May of 2010. Prior to joining Savi0r, and during his time as Anguidara, David frequently was found assisting his close friend Stephanie Michelle in her now defunct band Claudia's Ashes. Most often he would fulfill the role of performing drums for live shows but had on occasion assisted in synth work in performances too. Along with his live contribution David assisted in the production and some engineering work on the Claudia's Ashes full length album A Violent Metamorphosis. Claudia's Ashes played a number of shows around California with a variety of popular bands includi...

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