There are different bands with the name Angus: (1)Angus is a Dutch heavy metal band formed in 1983. Claiming the name was inspired as much by their favorite guitar player, AC/DC's Angus Young, as by their favorite breed of Scottish bull (they claimed that the animal's rugged disposition typified their sound), vocalist Edgar Lois, guitarist Ed Sprey, bassist Gerard Carol, and drummer William Lawson first began tormenting neighbors in their native Amsterdam circa 1983. Typical of most Dutch heavy metal at the time, the band's raw, energetic style was indebted as much by the New Wave of British Heavy Metal as the older regime of the 1970s...and, yes, a little AC/DC as well. Angus recorded two songs for the compilation album ‘The Heavy Touch’ in the summer of 1985. Together with five other promising Dutch Metal bands ‘The Heavy Touch’ went on tour throughout Holland. ‘Lonesome Fighter’ (a composition of bass player Gerard) was one of the best songs of ‘The Heavy Touch’. The release of the compilation album was considered a success, due to record sales and a lot of media attention. In the summer of 1986 ‘Track of Doom’ was released. This debut album was produced by the four band members their selves and was full with excellent speed metal, which despite a low budget, did sound very good. Holland was shaking on his boots when ‘Track of Doom’ hit the national radio stations and TV channels. With songs from this album, Angus made it into the Polish metal top 20. Bear...

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