Anhayla Growing up, Anhayla was always musically inclined. Originally born in Norfolk, VA on May 24, 1988, Anhayla began singing at the tender age of five in church. For her, music was a childhood friend she kept throughout adulthood. 'I started singing when I was like five and fell in love.' Anhayla grew up in a religious household and wasn't exposed to many other genres of music outside of gospel. However, there was one Christmas when her mom gave her Aaliyah's 'One in a Million' album . This was the first album Anhayla listened all the way through repetitively, which molded her taste in R&B music. Destined for stardom since day one, the Virginia native's determined spirit first materialized all before she'd turn a teenager. After winning Most Talented singing Mariah Carey's 'Hero' at her first public appearance in a local pageant, Anhayla began to take her musical ability more seriously. When she was 8 years old, she moved to Richmond, VA were she began to develop her own voice in music. Opera became the first genre of music that she received formal training in while performing in the Greater Richmond Children's choir at th...

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