GEN Y SONGSTRESS ANIKIKO RESONATES WITH A FUSION OF SEXY SOUNDS Giving Bjork and Portishead a run for their money, the quirky and sensuous AniKiko launches her new EP ‘Soul Naked Before You’. Aussie-Czech vocalist AniKiko is one to watch. Compared to Beth Gibbons, the leading lady of Portishead, AniKiko is making a name for herself as the next big thing on Australia’s alternate music scene. Ignore this and you may soon be kicking yourself – this is one singer/songwriter that you’ll soon be hearing about regularly. Influenced by jazz greats and electronic pioneers, AniKiko effortlessly pushes boundaries with her genre-bending style and luscious performance. “AniKiko is the ‘new’ Portishead of the Y Generation…a crossover of all the best elements of jazz, folk and downbeats” says Departure Lounge, 2SER. It’s difficult to categorise AniKiko’s music into one neat pigeonhole. Inspired by musical greats of many eras and genres, her sound is at once mellow yet edgy, uplifting yet calming, sexy yet coy. Her voice takes you on a journey of which you have no choice but be carried along; not that you wouldn’t want to be. She can change a mood in a moment simply by altering the pitch of her soothing and honest voice, which always seems to rise above the emotive instrumentals that accompany it. Anikiko has married her love of beats while still staying true to her lyrics, melodies and soulful vocals. Audiences have come to expect an unforgettable flavour, a...

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