Anima Damnata

- Era One - The band was formed by Necrolucas which full war-name is Master of Depraved Dreaming and Emperor of the Black Abyss the Great lord Hziulquoigmzhah Cxaxukluth towards the end of 1996 as the embodiment of blasphemous scorn to christianity and moral laws as well as the glorification of perverse debauchery. However the name Anima Damnata was established in 1998 - few months before recording of the first demo. This stuff was never officially spread, Necrolucas and Bestial Crusher of Holy Prophets, which were the core of the band since the very beginning, decided to dismiss remaining band members and forgot them as well as this recording. They followed the path of the most extreme Satanic Death Metal. During next two years they kept the band alive writing the majority of new stuff. In year 2000 two new members joined the band: the vocalist Glaca and Necrosodomic Corpse Molestator on guitar and vocal, shortly thereafter the second demo was recorded. One year later Glaca was cut off but bassist Nocturnal Harvester of Christian Lambs and the Great Messenger of Subliminal Satanic Messages joined the band - this was the first, genuine Anima Damnata line-up. At the beginning of October 2001 the first official stuff titled Suicidal allegiance upon the sacrificial altar of sublime evil and eternal sin was recorded and released by Polish label Pagan Records as a limited CD/MC split (parted with Throneum) in November 2002. In August 2003 the second official recording titled Agon...

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