Anima Mundi

There are at least 3 artist of the same name: 1st: progressive rock band: Hailing from Cuba, ANIMA MUNDI have always combined prog sounds with other music genres and used instruments that are uncommon for rock. Echoes of Celtic, Cuban, New Age, Symphonic Rock music can be clearly distinguished. Septentrion is undoubtedly the best Symphonic Progressive Rock album from Cuba! There are also nice intermixes of Celtic influences within the overall structure which add a wonderful sense of ambience. There are 12 tracks (5 instrumental) and one can get lost in the overall multi-layering of the music. In 2008 the band released the follow-up called Jagannath Orbit. 2nd: anarcho-punk band: Latin for World Spirit, Anima Mundi is a collective family of musicians, including William Faith and Monica Richards from Faith and the Muse. Old school Anarcho-punk: animal rights, vegetarianism, women's issues as well as Permaculture. Anima Mundi was chosen as a name because by definition it is something that everyone is a part of -- a collective entity; a unified energy; a global tribe. In Nature, when any living thing is cornered by an aggressor, predator, (or tyrant), it will use whatever means are available to survive. It will fight back. In these times, when the world and all who exist upon it have indeed been cornered by those in power -- who care nothing for our protests, our dissenting voices, our passive resistance, our civil disobedience -- our only options are public education, ...

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