Animae Capronii

Animae Capronii is a christian extreme metal band unblack metal(previously black metal from 2004-2008) founded in Cosio Valtellino, Italy during Summer 2004 by Cesare Ssannino (aka Kalrog Naar) who was previously in Evig Begravelse. In the beginning the style was raw black metal, there were some session members who left the band almost immediately, and Cesare has continued alone ever since. In December 2005, Cesare bought a drum machine and began composing simple tracks recorded on cassettes with handmade artwork. After 5 demos, his first full length album Black Millennium was released in 2006. After 2 more demos in 2007 Cesare began producing releases on CDr with DIY printed covers and with the addition of a keyboard, he began creating more atmospheric black metal with personal and dark lyrics. 2007 saw self-released full length albums such as Reign Of The Wolf, Bizarre Signs Of Capronii, Black Magik Rehearsal and Miasma Ermetico. During 2008 there was also a slew of full length albums and an EP - Lore of Obscurity EP, Saaroth - True Muntagnunn Black Metal, Harmony Of The Decease Lady, White Death Above These Lands, Creepy Black Walk On The Land, Red Shot One, No Two, Three, Four, Thousands!, Bloody Snow Colour Space, Still Time Stands,Under Dying Willow Sit Skeleton with Schyte, & And Hourglass of Lifetime. By And Hourglass Of Lifetime released in December 2008, the style had completely reversed to Christian unblack metal, and all releases since have been the same. There ...

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