Animal Liberation Orchestra

Animal Liberation Orchestra (ALO) is a jam band, currently signed on Jack Johnson's Brushfire Records label. They have released four full length albums, Fly Between Falls, which is being re-released by Brushfire Records and Roses & Clover (2007), Man of the World (2010) and Sounds Like This (2012). They have also released several EPs and independent albums, including Time Expander. Born from a friendship nurtured during their days at the University of California Santa Barbara, the band consists of Zach Gill (Keyboards/Vocals), Steve Adams (Bass Guitar/Vocals), Dan Lebowitz (Guitars/Percussion/Vocals) and David Brogan (Drums/Vocals). Originally a nine-piece band featuring a brass section called The Animal Liberation Orchestra and the Free Range Horns, the band began drawing enormous attention in the Santa Barbara area with their rousing stage shows. When Zach, Dan and Steve returned to their hometown San Francisco, they stripped back down to a quartet, playing with a wide variety of different drummers. Finally, in 2002, the trio reunited with drummer David Brogan (with whom they had previously played in college) and the ultimate version of Animal Liberation Orchestra was solidified. Zach Gill, the keyboard player, went to college with the popular singer-songwriter, Jack Johnson, and so they had good connections with one another. Soon audiences at gigs saw Animal Liberation Orchestra supporting Jack Johnson. Zach Gill has recently provided piano in Jack Johnson's band, addin...

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