There’s a lot about Melbourne's Animaux that’s hard to put your finger on. Sure, they’re young, but rest assured, this is no ordinary teeny-bopper band. Sure, in this day and age of synth and autotune they have a bigger brass section than most bands, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get you up and moshing. Sure, it’s only been a few short months since their immaculate conception in high school and birth at the Evelyn Hotel on Boxing Day last year, but that hasn’t stopped them booking shows all over Melbourne and beyond. Perhaps the greatest strength of this septet is the fact that they have managed to cultivate a truly distinct sound. If jazz and pop had a lovechild, got divorced, remarried funk and soul, and then all raised said lovechild together, Animaux would surely be the end result. Combine that with the phenomenal technical skills of some of Melbourne’s finest young musicians and you have a sound tighter than a tiger, and harder to find than Harold Holt - a sound so good you won’t mind schlepping your bad self all over town just so you don’t miss a beat. These kids are pure class. Having recently signed to Decibels Records and working with Jimi Maroudas (The Living End, Eskimo Joe) on their debut EP (coming in September), and continuing to book gigs left, right and centre, you won’t have to wait long for your own chance to hear Animaux belt out an enticing mixture of original songs that’ll leave you grooving the whole way home. Now having hea...

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