Anime is the name of more than one artist apart from an incorrect ID3 tag specifying music from an anime soundtrack. 1) AniMe is an italian hardcore dj & producer on Traxtorm Records. 3) Hip-Hop based artist known as “Anime” aka “Emcee Anime” from Massachusetts. Anime has recently released an EP named “The Singles”. 4) Anime is a Japanese bubblegum dance project. They released their first and only single, “Yumiko” in 1998 and 1999, in both Vinyl and CD format. The single contains 4 versions of the song, and was released by Coco Studio. 1) Barbara, better known by her stage name, AniMe, is a hardcore DJ/producer famous all over the world and known as the Queen of Hardcore in Italy. Her artistic career started in 2000 when, still very young, became part of one of the most representatives and respected labels: D-Boy Black Label. Right in this year she began to feel the desire to express her own vision of music, beginning the work of producer. Already much loved in Italy for her industrial / darkcore sound, since 2001 had a big success playing in many clubs around Europe. In 2007 she became part of Traxtorm Records and 2010 will be the year of AniMe debut with the first EP in this label: Detonate. She showed everyone a new way of doing hardcore: sounds, vocals, mergers between grooves and elements of various music styles with strong influences from her past as industrial/darkcore producer. Her style became already inspiration for m...

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