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Started in October 2005, Anime Pulse is a podcast dedicated to providing quality reviews of the newest anime televised in Japan as well as reviews of recent and classic anime. Anime Pulse provides up-to-date news collected from various online sources, as well as exclusive interviews and recordings of anime-related symposiums and conventions. Anime Pulse has quickly become one of the largest anime podcasts and is growing larger every day. Recently, Anime Pulse was approached and agreed to do a weekly podcast for This podcast is already a hit with its fans. Anime Pulse has done interviews with Central Park Media co-founder John O'Donnell, Cosplayer Piano Squall, has recorded the MIT's Cool Japan Symposium and has provided press coverage of Anime Boston. Company Profile Anime Pulse has rapidly grown to be one of the leading anime podcasts in the world. With over 4000 downloads per episode in over 70 countries, the show reaches a large variety of listeners. It has been listed in the top 50 podcasts on and is in the top 3 at Anime Pulse also has an active forum community with over 300 members. Anime Pulse releases one show weekly; special episodes containing interviews and recordings of anime-related events are also made available. The weekly show format consists of site and industry news, weekly reviews of several current, long-running popular series, followed by the cast members reviewing and rating new or classic a...

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