Animetal Lady

Animetal Lady was a collaboration between Japanese metallers Animetal (who are known for their inventive and musically proficient remakes of anime & tokusatsu TV show themes) and Pink Lady vocalist Mie, hence the name Animetal Lady. The musical direction was not as heavy or frenzied as Animetal's usual fare, in an even more melodic vein. Already a formidable talent, Mie's vocals entered a whole new realm of diversity with the two albums she recorded with the boys, and she showed that she could hang in a whole new style other than Pink Lady's commercially accessible pop. While the music is more commercial compared to Animetal's usual style, it is still notably heavier and more musically proficient than the usual hair farmer fare. Animetal's penchant for cheekily inserting classic metal riffs in between songs is still very much intact as well. Animetal Lady are very much for fans of good melodic metal music across the board, language barrier aside (all the lyrics are in Japanese). Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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