Animistic Beliefs

Animistic Beliefs is your long-awaited fresh wind through the plains of planet electro. The alluring duo released its first EP on Solar One Music’s sublabel Between Places early on in 2018, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. The well-thought-through EP by the name of Sinuous Gullies is the rare junction of sophisticated yet unapologetic soundwaves like never heard before. What makes this duo unique in its kind, is its ability to create an unparalleled retro-futuristic vibe in their live performances. Having started out as a live act, it is clear that the stage is their comfort zone. From behind a labyrinthine construction of analogue synths, vintage drum computers, and a spiderweb of coloured cables oozes an almost extraterrestrial-like energy created by the eccentric looking pair. Never will you witness a duo pour its fervour so seamlessly into a set with that little compromise as you will during one of their shows. In their applauded 5 track EP, the Rotterdam based Animistic Beliefs takes control over seemingly standard 808 breakbeats and moulded vocals, manipulating them into sounding from the faraway future. Uptempo steadfast electro percussion, alien vocals, and characteristic Kraftwerkian synths are only some of the ingredients that make Sinuous Gullies worth the repeat button. It's the intricate layering and organic transitioning idiosyncratic to their live performances that leave a lasting impression. It’s safe to say, it is with great anticipation ...

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