There are at least five artists under this name: (1) An Israeli one-man black metal band. The music is decidedly minimalistic, depressive black metal with drone and ambient influences. Lyrics, occationally in ancient Hebrew, are delivered with an exceptional vehemence. Not too dissimilar from Velvet Cacoon (Genevieve style). (2) A rapper from Germany, living and acting in Heidelberg. (3) ANIMUS is a world fusion music & dance ensemble based in the Philadelphia, PA area. Led by Bill Koutsouros, Animus has been creating unique original music since 1994. Animus is an instrumental group of culturally diverse musical concepts and traditions from ancient to modern alike. The groups has influence which comes from various different cultures such as: Greek, Blues, Middle Eastern, Jazz, Spanish, Funk, Latin, Rock, Indian, Jewish-Klezmer and African. The unorthodox instrumentation and unique original compositions excite the mind, body and soul with an endless variety of grooves and tribal rhythms, coupled with spontaneous, passionate improvisation knows no boundaries and awakens the spirit to get everyone moving to the music. Discography: Spirit Dance – 1995 Eternal Within – 1996 Animus Live at the Tin Angel – 1999 World Fusion – 2002 Mediterranean Dreams – 2005 The Movements - 2007 (4) A rock band from Poland. As underground as a mole; as explosive as a Talib band from Rzeszow known as Animus has been working in its present squad since about half of May ‘07, when - i...

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