Anita Dobson

Anita Dobson (born April 29, 1949 in Stepney, London) is an English television actress. Anita's first starring role was in the 1983 sitcom Up the Elephant and Round the Castle, but she is most famous for playing the emotionally battered and alcoholic landlady, Angie Watts, in the BBC1 soap opera, EastEnders, a role which she played from the shows inception in 1985 to 1988. Interestingly, Anita was not the first person to be cast as Angie - another actress, Jean Fennell, had already began recording when it was decided that her performance did not gel with the original idea of the character, and so Anita landed the role at the last minute. Whilst playing Angie Watts, Anita worked closely with actor Leslie Grantham, who played her adultourous husband 'Dirty Den Watts'. 30.1 million viewers tuned in on Christmas day in 1986, to witness Den handing Angie her divorce papers, giving the soap its highest ever episode rating, which has yet to be beaten by any other plotline from any other soap in the UK. Since quitting EastEnders in 1988, Anita has been asked to reprise her role numerous times, but never accepted the offer; recently she commented “Why tarnish the gorgeous creation that was Angie Watts?”. The character of Angie Watts was subsequently killed off-screen in 2002 (dying of a drink related illness) and brought home to be buried by her on-screen daughter Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean), who had recently returned to the show. Since her exit from EastEnders she has appeared...

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