Anita Meyer

Anita Meyer (born Annita Meijer in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on 29 October 1954) is a Dutch singer. Even at a very young age she was already performing. Her first big hit came in 1976, when she released her d?but song The Alternative Way together with Hans Vermeulen. The record reaches the 1st place in the charts and also her next songs will become a huge success. Slowly her success descents and she changes record label in 1980. There she gets a fresh new group of people to guide her and there her third single Why Tell Me Why (1981) dominates position 1 in the charts for weeks and it became the best sold record of that year in The Netherlands. This is the true beginning of a booming music career. In 1983 she performs for the first time with Lee Towers. The record sales diminish slightly in the next period, but in 1986 she records the chart breaker Run To Me with Lee Towers. This will also be her last Top 10 hit in The Netherlands. Still, her albums and concert tickets sell very well. By the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s she performs several times in the completely sold out Ahoy' (a huge concert hall in the city of Rotterdam). In 2005 she's back in the spotlights by appearing as a team captain in the tv show Het Gevoel Van. In May 2006 she's on stage at the big musical event of Musicals in Ahoy'. Later she will appear as Grizabella in the Dutch version of the musical Cats. Of the five actresses who play this part, she gets to play in the premi?re. In 2008 s...

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