Anjyu' was a Japanese indies band made up of ジュキ [Juki] on vocals, ゆっきー [Yukkie] on guitar, yoshi on bass, and 姫雛~Hina~ on drums. Their first live took place in July 2005, and their first single was released December 2005, entitled 『ナマリイロノソラ』 [namari iro no sora]. They released two more singles in 2006 and continue to perform lives. Their first maxi-single release was slated for July 2007 and they had a busy live schedule planned through the end of the year, including numerous compilation lives managed by Kisaki's UNDER CODE PRODUCTIONS. After just a short time on the UNDER CODE they announced they will disband and hold their last one man 「うちらがAnjyu’」 [uchira ga Anjyu'] May 31st at HOLIDAY OSAKA. They had a special event before their final live, where each member also played with their own session band, followed by one huge session band at the end. The members of the session bands were: Juki’s Session Band Vocals - Juki (Anjyu’) Guitar - SAN (ネガ) Bass - Toshiya (Arc) Drums - Shun (Arc) Yukki’s Session Band Vocals - Toshimune (Kelli) Guitar - Yukki (Anjyu’) Guitar - Ryuyu Bass - Kazari Drums - Kentsu (Aya) Yoshi’s Session Band Vocals - Jin (ネガ) Guitar - Takken (ex-キボウ屋本舗) Bass - Yoshi (Anjyu’) Drums - Mizuto (ex-キボウ屋本舗) Hina’s Session Band Vocals - Kacchin Guitar - Yuki (Arc) Guitar - Rei (Mist) Bass - Kanoe (Irodori) Drums - Hina (Anjyu’) R...

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