Ankaralı Namık

Ankaralı Namık is a Turkish singer from the Ankaralı(one coming from Ankara) school of Turkish ethnic music. He became popular thanks to the internet file sharing programmes. His Songs Arabada Beş Evde Onbeş - Five in a car, fifteen at home (His trademark song) YTL - New Turkish Lira Salla - Shake it Hovarda - Spendthrift Mega Oyun Havası - Mega Dance Style Arabada Beş Evde Onbeş It is about a man who bargains with a woman for a close relationship. The song has many references to a sexual activity in its lyrics. The song became very popular thanks to the internet file sharing programmes but because of its theme and heavy usage of slang language, the popularity of the song is controversial. Adam hovarda beyler Adam hovarda beyler is the name of his new album and also the first single released from the album which finally carried Ankaralı Namık to the popularity he had always dreamed of after the years he had spent as an internet miracle. The song is about Kaya Çilingiroğlu, a famous Turkish businessman, who is well known for his relations with women and his nightlife in Turkey. The song is receiving a large amount of airplay (first time in the career of Namık) in many of the popular music stations in the country. Rivals His biggest rival is Ankaralı Turgut. They are also very similar in their style but Turgut claimed to be the only real Ankaralı singer which caused an ongoing conflict between them. Namık's other rival is Hasan Yılmaz but Yılmaz prefe...

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