Ankit Parolkar

Profession: Vocalist, Urdu & Marathi Translator, Lyricist, Music Composer More Music: Introduction: Ankit is shishya of Dr Shashikant Tambe (who is shishya of Mama Saheb Majumdar and his 'dada' guru was Ustad Rajab Ali Khan saheb), who has guided him since the age of 10. Traditionally they are Khayaal Gayaks. They are basically maharashtrian and there has been influence of marathi style of music in their persuasion , with specialization in 'abhangs' and all forms in the style. Ankit had imense interest in ghazals and Guruji encouraged him to consult people in urdu literature and take control of it before even pursuing ghazal form of music, thats why , Ankit learned urdu language for 5 yrs and then focused specifically on ghazal form of urdu shayari under guadance of N D Mishra and Janab Mohemmad Fahim Khan. Janab Ahmed Shah Khan helped him understand minute details of literature of ghazal. After making his foundation he met many shayars like Rahat Indoori saheb , Dr Aziz Indoori and many to build his perspective on shayars. Coming from a middle class maharashtrian family , Ankit took bold step to drop out from usual education and concentrate only on his persuasion at that early age. Since then Ankit evolved as a passionate artist who focused on retaining the classical base for ghazals. Today, at age of 22 ankit has been lucky enough to pursue what his heart wants. He wants to evangelize classical ghazals to Indian young artists. Ankit n...

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