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There is more than one artist with this name : These two (count 'em) brilliant CDs (16 Bit & A Long Trip) we have in both rip yer head off & shit down yer neck. For the laugh. Dunno why they aren't mega stars already. So for your caustic journeys of isolation & despair ridden angst filled RAGE look no further.(Norman Records) Ann Arbor were a British instrumental noise rock act from the East Midlands active between 1999 and 2006. Initially a trio formed from the ashes of British late 90s post hard-core/ emo bands Half-Seas Over and Manray, they took their name from the home of the Stooges and started out as an instrumental three piece, Tim Waterfield on Guitar, Glen Bowen on drums and Matt Jones on Bass. Ann Arbor have been compared to Shellac but as they utilise drum machines & electronics I'd say there's equally parts of Big Black, Godflesh & Ministry in their sound, albeit instrumental. There's also some chunky, funky twangy stuff going on that could murder a dancefloor or two! Departure of the drummer early on in their career led to temporary use of a drum machine that soon became a permanent addition as the band gradually progressed to produce increasingly noisy and discordant rock drawing on syncopated rhythms and free jazz. The presence of drum machine and the absence of vocals would sometimes cause friction amongst musical purists and did not always win the band friends. The band attracted favourable live reviews on account of Ann Arbor’s uncompromising dedicat...

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