Anna Bradley

Anna Bradley is an indie rock band which formed in 2009 in New York City. Their current lineup consists of Kabir Kumar (guitars, vocals), Daniel Kolpin (drums, vocals, also of Hooves), Oliver Ignatius (bass, vocals, of Ghost Pal) and Daniel Fisher (guitar, vocals). Their sound has been described by noted mp3 blog Obscure Sound as scratchy alt rock in the vein of Pavement and Sebadoh (with) great hooks and vibrant energy. The band's influences include The Police, Weezer, The Smiths, and more current alternative bands like Dirty Projectors, Deerhunter and Slothbear. Anna Bradley releases all of their music for free on their Bandcamp. In February of 2009, Anna Bradley's debut EP are you a young rebel? was released on Bandcamp by the band's only founding member, songwriter and guitarist Kabir Kumar. In May 2009, the band began to record their second EP, nervous. The record marked a change in the band’s sound, introducing a higher fidelity production, a more textural atmosphere, and longer songs. It was released on New Jersey-based label tamur records in early August. In September, it was also released on the Netherlands-based web-label Rack & Ruin Records. In August of 2009, bassist Damon Korf and drummer Daniel Kolpin joined the band, and Anna Bradley recorded the self-titled single Anna Bradley, which was released online in January 2010 and saw a further increase in production quality while maintaining a lo fi edge. During December of 2009, the band (with the newly solidifi...

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