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Anna Luisa (Anna Ratto) is singer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There as you know music is LIFE! “Do Zero” (from scratch) her debut album is that - the birth of an exceptional singer/songwriter career. Between the modern Brazilian singer’s today commanding the attention of audiences worldwide with songs “tailor made” for the foreign market, Anna’s music comes as a breath of fresh air. Samba, Forró, Reggae, Maracatu, Afoxé, Bossa Nova, Côco, Soul, Ciranda, Chorinho and etc are MPB (Música Popular Brasileira). MPB is diversity; it’s Brazil’s music from North to South. Surely is wasn’t “from scratch” that “Do Zero” attracted an array of important songwriters from the current Brazilian scene such as Los Hermanos, Pedro Luís e A Parede (PLAP) and the samba ambassador himself Seu Jorge as guest writers; Anna earn their respect, she has been busy for years studying music, writing, singing and performing alongside groups researching, developing and celebrating the rich culture of Brazilian music INSIDE BRAZIL! Groups such as Rio Maracatu, Bloco Quizomba always have Anna’s voice adorn their music; her live shows is where it happens, be it on top of a truck at Rio’s carnival or at prestigious venues such as Garden Hall or Mistura Fina, Anna leaves her audiences with one thing clear, Do Zero isn’t “tailor made” for another market, but is sure to enlighten peoples worldwide about true 100% ORIGINAL BRAZILIAN MUSIC. Do Zero - will be out worldwide...

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