Anna Maria Jopek

Facebook: Official site: Anna Maria Jopek (born 14 December 1970 in Warsaw) is a Polish musician and singer. Anna has been known for some of the most influential and groundbreaking projects in popular Polish music. She is a classically trained pianist who graduated from Chopin's Academy of Music in Warsaw, Poland who broadened her scope of musical influences after studying briefly at the Manhattan School of Music's Jazz Department. Anna now embraces a number of musical influences from classical to jazz and from pop to folk. With 14 albums of her own, she has performed and recorded with many important Polish artists including numerous concerts and recordings with ECM-based artists - trumpeter Tomasz Stanko and saxophone player Tomasz Szukalski. During the Jazz Jamboree International Festival 40th Anniversary Gala she performed with one of the greatest jazz saxophonists of our times: Joe Lovano. In 2008 she performed with yet another all time hero of hers, Bobby Mc Ferrin. Cameo appearances live with Chris Botti soon followed. In 2003 Anna was invited by the First Family to the Presidential Palace in Warsaw. A small recital was held in the Palace featuring a duet with Anna and the pop icon, former King Crimson front man, Gordon Haskell. Although she plays open air gigs for thousands of fans, Anna prefers an intimate setting to a huge concert hall and performs about 100 concerts each year, from Toronto to Vienna, London to Be...

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