Anna Pardenik

Anna Pardenik is an American singer-songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist based out of Burlington, VT. Pardenik is easily recognized for her distinctly sultry voice and musical style that spans across multiple genres including blues, soul, folk, jazz, and americana. The musician had her first experiences with songwriting on her family's piano when she was a little girl, setting the groundwork for a lifelong affair with music as she explored everything from 1930's Tin Pan Alley culture to modern blues, jazz, and soul. Pardenik began singing in small cafes and bars in her native New Jersey at age fourteen, accompanying herself with syncopated, folk-influenced, classical guitar stylings. Seeking cleaner air and a slower pace in the Green Mountains, Pardenik moved to Burlington Vermont in 2001. Today she can be found performing both as a solo singer/songwriter and with her band, Vermont Joy Parade, bringing along an entourage of instruments including banjo, trumpet, accordion, bass and drums. Pardenik’s shape-shifting, theatrical vocals make her a rare gem on the contemporary musical stage. Her vocal style can be characterized by intense passion, a loose vibrato, and a slightly androgynous timbre. In concert, Pardenik is known to fluctuate between exuberant pop melodies and somber melancholy. All of this combined produces an absolutely unique performer that must be heard to fully comprehend. In 2009, Pardenik collaborated with members of Vermont Joy Parade, on her deb...

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