Anna Prucnal

Anna Prucnal (born December 17th 1940 in Warsaw, Poland) is a noted actress in both cinema and theatre, as well as being a successful singer. Her father, a surgeon, was killed by the Nazis during World War 2. Anna was then raised, along with her sister, solely by her mother, who was of noble descent: being related to Stanislas Leszczy?ski: an 18th century King of Poland. After studying piano and lyrical song, Anna Prucnal went on to pursue an acting career in Warsaw. She first appeared in a movie at the age of twenty-two years; in the film “Sun and Shadow” (Sl?ntzeto i siankata), which proved to be a popular release. Anna moved to France in 1970 and embarked upon a theatrical career, appearing in a number of plays by Bertolt Brecht. She worked with many important directors including: Jorge Lavelli, Georges Wilson, Roger Planchon, Jean-Louis Barrault, Marc’O, Petrika Ionesco, Lucian Pintilie and Jacques Lassalle. During this time she also appeared in several notable films, of which the most notorious was “Sweet Movie” - a Dusan Makavejev film - which Polish authorities deemed to be pornographic and anticommunist. As a result, Anna was banned from using her Polish passport by the repressive authorities of the time – effectively exiling her from her homeland. During the 1970s Anna developed her career as a singer: her album “Dream of west, dreams of is” was popular, initially in Paris and then on further tours in Belgium, with the Theater Jean Vilar with Leuwen-the-Ne...

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