Anna Rynefors & Erik Ask-Upmark

Dråm is the name of a Swedish folk music duo that blends modern influences and ancient traditions, delving deep into the rich treasure trove of Nordic traditional music. Dråm conjures forth sounds drawing upon both medieval and contemporary roots. Dråm takes you on a journey through an ancient world of drama, romance, magic and music. Music that has wandered through the ages from musician to musician. Music that connects to the past but looks ahead to the future. Music that, in these changing times, remains as constant as the underlying drone - or dråm - of the bagpipe. The musicians, Erik Ask-Upmark and Anna Rynefors, create music with the help of ancient and unique instruments, featuring Sweden's national instrument, the Nyckelharpa, alongside with the traditional Celtic harp and the little-known Swedish bagpipe with its haunting tone. Both Erik and Anna are riksspelmän - Master musicians of the Realm, the finest honour bestowed upon a performer of traditional music in Sweden! In the last years, Dråm has received international acclaim and has performed at festivals and folk events throughout Scandinavia as well as in San Francisco, Paris, Amsterdam, Zürich, Berlin and Moscow. ERIK ASK-UPMARK studied musicology and music history in Gothenburg and has worked as a professional performer for the last decade. He plays the harp and different types of bagpipes, including the little-known Swedish bagpipe, a very different instrument compared to its more famous Scottish na...

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