Anna Zoe

Anna Zoe is originally from Erie, Pennsylvania and has been singing since she began to speak. Her parents urged her to participate with them in the church choir, and put her in piano lessons for 6 years, which led to performing in school choirs and musical theatre. This part of her life created that focus and hunger that made her work even harder. That wasn’t her only outlet though. In her mind, she always thought of herself as being an athlete, because it was more of a realistic goal in relation to her hometown. However, the music truly became a focus in her life as a few special people who saw that inner spark, urged her to pursue her music instead. She learned to write her own songs and even started her own record label, Dank Records. “If you are going to do it, do it right”, states Anna. Anna self-released a 3-song EP electronically and songs such as ‘Someday’ and ‘Back in The Day’ were released on compilation CD’s by Quickstar Productions, all the while working on putting together a full length album. Anne Zoe is proud to announce the release of her debut CD “Friction in Some Direction”. Her lead single, “Keep Breathing” “signifies not giving up on what you believe is right and true in your heart in whatever form it may be”, states Anna. This song has a wonderful mixture of live instruments, electronic elements and a pure, crisp sound to it. Lyrically it is eloquent, and the arrangement of this song is extraordinary and unique. T...

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