Homepage (Hungarian or English) // MySpace Annabarbi was a hungarian alternative alternative; indie band. The band was originally formed by two members called Egyedi Péter (Vocals / Guitar) and Ernő (guitars). First, it was only a hobby-project. At that times, Péter's main band was Amber Smith, where he was the guitarist. Later, Bátor Gergő (guitars) joined them, with Bátor Bence (Drums - Péter involved him, since they were friends. Bence is also the drummer of Amber Smith.) and Örményi Ákos (The bass guitarist of Amber Smith). Their offical start was at 2001's May. During their 4 years (they broke up at 2005' May), they released two albums, each with seven songs [2002 - Ne Hangosítsd Fel (Don't Crank It Up) and 2004 - Három (Three)] and two EP's (Radiopara and Loudly - Hangosan - Both live recordings.) Also, they have two tracks on the complication BUDAPEST ROCK 'N' ROLL Complication. The first was on BPRNR Complication Vol. 1, and it was the song Lose Find Save and the second was on BPRNR Complication Vol. 4, and it was the song H. Their music is hard to desribe, the best word that is simular to their music is garage-pop. In their music, popish melodies meet with hard guitar riffs and rythms, with some psychidelia. It's like mixing Weezer's melodic music with Radiohead's (musical) inteligence and with some humuor and irony. Plus two (and a half) vocals. After they broke up, Örményi Ákos and Egyedi Péter went to play in Óriás, which is their current ban...

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