Annasaid started playing music in January 2005, since then Annasaid have been through many changes. Annasaid started playing catchy mainstream pop/rock music in danish, but now it's Alternative rock pumping through the amps. Annasaid are settled in Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark. Annasaid are: Martin Sahlertz (Guitar & Vocals), Mathias Pedersen Smidt (Guitar, back. vox), Jesper Jensen (Bass) and Johan Sylvest (Drums) Annasaid have also been: Jacob Brøndlund, Johannes Bech & Simon Vester 2005 Having for several years desired to play in a rock band, guitarist and songwriter Martin Sahlertz finally decides to do something about it. He calls up drummer Johan Sylvest, who he first met some years ago in a marimba-orchestra. The two team up with Simon Vester, a guitarist Martin has come to know through one of his classmates. Joined by Johannes Bech on bass guitar, the quartet starts rehearsing at the local school in the evening hours throughout the week. Using a couple of months to find their feet and develop some songs, Annasaid soon begins gigging around Aarhus and in neighboring cities. 2006 The year starts out somewhat rough, with Martin, Johan and Simon being increasingly frustrated with Johannes' apparent lack of interest in the band. Eventually, Johannes is sacked, to be replaced by Jesper Jensen, whose powerful and talented way with the bass has an immediate, positive effect on the band. Boasting a stronger line-up than before, Annasaid increases concert-...

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