Anne Danican Philidor

Anne Danican Philidor (April 11, 1681 – October 8, 1728) is best remembered today for having founded the Concert Spirituel, an important series of public concerts held in the palace of the Tuileries from 1725 to 1791. He was also a composer. He (here Anne is a male name) came from an extraordinary musical family, one with many musicians, and a welter of confusing names, including: * André Danican Philidor (ca. 1647-1730), Anne Danican Philidor's father, was also known as Philidor l'ainé (Philidor the Elder). He was an oboist and crumhorn player. He was a member of the Grande Écurie military band and later performed at the Court, at the Royal Chapel, in the employ of Louis XIV. * Jean Danican Philidor (ca. 1620-1679), Anne Danican Philidor's grandfather, was a musician at the Grande Écurie (literally, the Great Stable; figuratively, the Military Band) in Paris. The original name of his family was Danican (D'Anican) and was of Scottish origin (Duncan). Philidor was a later addition to the family name. Jean Danican Philidor was given the name of Philidor by Louis XIII because his oboe playing reminded the king of an Italian virtuoso oboist named Filidori. * Michel Danican (died ca. 1659), Anne Danican Philidor's great-uncle, was a renowned oboist and, together with Jean Hotteterre, coinvented the oboe by modifying the shawm so that the bore was narrower and the reed near could be held near the end by the player's lips. * Jacques Danican Philidor (1657-...

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